Accused of a Crime?

A domestic violence attorney at BSS Law, LLC in Catonsville, MD can explain your choices

Besides facing fines and jail time, the stigma of a domestic violence conviction could follow you for years. Find out what your options are by contacting domestic violence attorney Bradley Shepherd. Whether you're facing simple assault or domestic battery charges, attorney Shepherd can offer sound legal advice and trustworthy representation.

Call BSS Law, LLC in Catonsville, MD now to speak with a domestic violence attorney about your case. Attorney Shepherd also handles a wide range of traffic violations.

Bring your drug case to a reputable attorney

Bring your drug case to a reputable attorney

Are you facing a drug case in Catonsville, Maryland? Attorney Shepherd can guide you through it. The type of charges you could face depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of controlled substance you had
  • Whether you distributed the drug
  • The circumstances under which you got the substance

A drug case attorney will argue these points to try to reduce or drop the charges.

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