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A DUI/DWI doesn't need to be the end of your good driving record. If this is your first charge, a DUI/DWI defense attorney from BSS Law, LLC can show you how to make sure it's your last. Attorney Bradley Shepherd will work to defend against the charge which includes potentially: challenging the legality of the police stop, examining Field Sobriety Tests and Breathalyzer results for errors, and preparing vigorous cross examination to expose weaknesses in the State's case. Even if defending the case is not likely to succeed, attorney Bradley Shepherd will strive to get your sentence reduced to probation before judgment, or otherwise minimize your exposure to consequences. He can also help you get life treatment, such as court-mandated DUI Alcohol Education Programs as well as ensure that your license isn't revoked or suspended.

Not hiring a DUI/DWI attorney could cost you your license

Not hiring a DUI/DWI attorney could cost you your license

If you've previously had a DUI/DWI, call an attorney right away. You face enhanced penalties as a repeat offender, which include up to:

  • Three years incarceration
  • $3,000 in fines
  • 18 months without a license

An experienced DUI/DWI attorney in the Catonsville, MD area can explain the penalties and your options moving forward. Bradley Shepherd can introduce you to treatment programs to help you turn your life around.


All DUI’s and DWI’s carry the potential for severe consequences, including incarceration. Additionally, you may be forced to place an Interlock Device (breathalyzer) in your car, and the Motor Vehicle Association (M.V.A.) may give you “points,” which result in increased insurance costs, and/or suspend/revoke your driver’s license. An experienced attorney will be able to explain all the potential consequences to you, and assist you by either negotiating with the State’s Attorney for a lesser sentence, or by taking the case to trial. Below are the maximum sentences for DUI’s and DWI’s as well as mandatory MVA consequences (more consequences may exist depending on the facts).

         Maximum Sentence                                    MVA Consequences

  • 1st DUI $1,000,  1 year incarceration           12 points, Interlock - 6 months, 6-9 month license suspension
  • 2nd DUI $2,000, 2 years incarceration         12 points, Interlock - 1 year, 6-24 month license suspension
  • 3rd DUI $3,000,  3 years incarceration         12 points, Interlock - 3 years, 6-24 month license suspension
  • 1st DWI $500,    2 months incarceration       8 points, Additional consequences depend on facts
  • 2nd DWI $500,   1 year incarceration            8 points, Additional consequences depend on facts
  • 3rd DWI $500,   1 year incarceration             8 points, Additional consequences depend on facts