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Pedestrian Accidents Attorney in Catonsville, Maryland

According to statistics from the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), there were 2,548 total crashes involving motor vehicles and pedestrians on foot in 2021. Of these, there were 2,185 pedestrian injuries and 125 fatalities. Traffic crashes involving automobiles and pedestrians are often devastating, both physically and emotionally. Such incidents may result in minor to catastrophic injuries, including broken bones, soft tissue injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or even death.  

If you or someone close to you was hurt in a pedestrian accident caused by a negligent party, you are within your rights to seek fair financial compensation through an injury claim. Attorney Bradley S. Shepherd is poised and ready to support, guide, and represent clients in their pedestrian accident cases. As a skilled Maryland personal injury attorney, he will fight vigorously for your legal rights and help you seek the maximum possible compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses. 

BSS Law, LLC proudly represents clients throughout Catonsville, Maryland, as well as Baltimore, Columbia, and across the entire state.

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Maryland's Pedestrian Right of Way Law 

Understanding right-of-way rules is important to avoid or reduce traffic crashes. Under Maryland law, pedestrians have the right-of-way when walking across a street, on a marked crosswalk, and following traffic signals. 

Additionally, pedestrians have the right-of-way when traveling in the traffic direction or when a driver is turning at a red light. To ensure safety and prevent traffic accidents, drivers must always yield the right of way to pedestrians. 

Pedestrian's Responsibilities   

Here are some laws that apply to pedestrians in Maryland: 

  • Pedestrians must obey all pedestrian control signals. 

  • Pedestrians must always use the sidewalk when available. 

  • Pedestrians must yield the right-of-way to motor vehicles when crossing anywhere other than in a marked crosswalk. 

  • Pedestrians may not enter the roadway when facing a steady red light. 

  • Unless directed by a traffic control device, pedestrians must not cross an intersection diagonally. 

  • Pedestrians must not suddenly leave a curb or safe place and run or walk into a motor vehicle's path. 

Driver's Responsibilities 

Here are some laws that apply to drivers in Maryland: 

  • Drivers must come to a complete stop for pedestrians crossing at a marked crosswalk. 

  • Drivers must yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian lawfully in an adjacent crosswalk, even when facing a green light. 

  • A driver may not pass another vehicle that stopped for a pedestrian, whether in an unmarked or marked crosswalk. 

  • Drivers must exercise due care to avoid hitting pedestrians. 

Drivers who fail to exercise due care and cause a pedestrian accident may be found negligent and held liable. 

Fault Determination 

Maryland is an at-fault auto accident state. According to the state's at-fault system, the person who caused the pedestrian accident (at-fault party) may be held civilly and financially liable for injuries, property damages, and other accident-related losses suffered by the accident victims. 

Contributory Negligence Rule 

Additionally, Maryland operates using the pure contributory negligence principle. Under the system, a pedestrian accident victim may only be eligible to pursue damages for their injuries if the other party was completely (100%) responsible for the accident or injury. 

According to Maryland's pure contributory negligence principle, the claimant will be barred completely from seeking damages even if they were found to be 1% at fault for the pedestrian accident or injury. 

Statute of Limitations 

Furthermore, the statute of limitation for personal injury cases in Maryland, including pedestrian accidents, is three years from the date the accident occurred. Therefore, a plaintiff must bring a civil action for personal injury within three years from the date of the pedestrian accident or injury. 

Damages Available 

The following damages may be recovered by filing a pedestrian accident claim in Maryland: 

  • Medical expenses, including ongoing and future medical treatment 

  • Lost wages or income and other benefits 

  • Replacement or repair of damaged property 

  • Rehabilitation and other therapies 

  • Reduced earning capacity 

  • Disability expenses 

  • Emotional distress or mental anguish 

  • Compensation for physical pain, discomfort, and suffering 

  • Disfigurement and scarring 

  • Loss of function of a body organ or part 

  • Punitive damages as an additional punishment to the defendant for their willful and wanton conduct 

  • Wrongful death damages, where applicable 

A skilled attorney can help file your pedestrian accident claim and seek the maximum possible compensation for your injuries. 

How Legal Counsel Can Help 

Getting hurt in a pedestrian accident can be overwhelming and can affect your physical, financial, and emotional well-being. Luckily, you don't have to go through these challenges alone. When involved in a negligent pedestrian accident, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is crucial for detailed guidance. 

BSS Law, LLC is committed to offering personalized legal guidance and support to victims of pedestrian accidents and their families. As your legal counsel, Attorney Bradley Shepherd will evaluate and investigate all of the facts of your case and explore your possible legal options to recover damages.

Pedestrian Accidents Attorney
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If you or a loved one was hurt in a negligent pedestrian accident, you may be able to recover damages. Contact BSS Law, LLC today to schedule a simple case evaluation. Attorney Bradley Shepherd can represent you compassionately and improve your chances of the best possible outcome in your pedestrian accident claim. The firm proudly represents clients throughout Catonsville, Baltimore, Columbia, and across the state of Maryland.